“A solution should be flexible for every-changing challenges”

This is Flexelution Design's founding belief regarding software solutions.

Quite often off-the-shelf and cookie-cutter solutions don't meet all your requirements or simply have too much functionality, rendering the learning curve too steep. Flexelution Design specializes in designing custom web and software solutions that provide the necessary functionality with ease of use at the top of the priority list. We work closely with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they want and need.

Flexelution has experience with everything from web-based Back Office and Inventory Listings Management to Point Of Sale to Embedded Systems. We've worked with Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Jewellery Wholesalers, Restaurant Suppliers, and more. Visit our Porfolio for a few examples. So whether it's a desktop application, a web-based solution requiring more than the standard web design company is capable of, or a combination of the two, Flexelution can pull it all together. Websites From $299!

With Flexelution, projects receive attention well past a regular 40 hour week and we're always looking for interesting new projects. If you've got an idea or are looking for a web or desktop solution that's just right your needs, Flexelution has the resources and passion to get it done. Drop us a line today.